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April Elliot

Owner of Detox Yoga. At the age of 26, April was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Isabella. She was injured during a tornado, buried several feet deep in bricks and debris. When she was found, her leg was crushed and her belly was flat. Her and her daughter both made it out safe but she would never be the same after this accident.

After the accident, she was determined to never again live one day on this earth without appreciating the life she was blessed to have. April suffered from PTSD and was doing at-home rehabilitation. She read an article about yoga and thought she would give it a try. Before the accident, she participated in running, lifting, and kickboxing. Her first yoga class was done in a small studio that could only fit about seven people. She was amazed with the way she felt, and after that day, she was forever changed. The dream to open a studio and help others find healing through yoga started on that day almost eight years ago. In 2017, she went to Costa Rica and lived there for a month deep in the mountains overlooking the ocean. It was here that she completed her 200-hour YTT. Fast forward one year, and she is proud to say that Detox Yoga, her studio is OPEN!She hopes to break the stigma attached to yoga that it is just for woman, flexible people, thin people, vegans, etc. 

Jennifer Reed

A resident of Wentzville, wife, and mother of three, Jen Reed has been teaching Bikram style yoga for a little under two years.  Fitness has been her passion since 2010 when she helped her husband win a Biggest Loser contest and purchased her first gym membership.  Her membership led her to a short amateur career as a K-1, Muay Thai kickboxer and boxer training out of American Karate and Fitness in Wentzville. Homeschooling her three boys is her full-time job but growing her yoga practice and investing in her yoga students is her personal outlet and passion.  


Jen also enjoys working out in her garage with tires, sledgehammers, slam balls, and a heavy bag as well as taking class at I Love Kickboxing in Lake St. Louis.  When she’s not working out, you can find Jen reading, listening to music, and grading papers!

Amber Campbell

Amber Campbell is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Reiki Healer, deeply dedicated to teaching the consciousness expanding, heart-healing practices of the East. Amber is a devoted student of life and approaches each day with an unwavering curiosity. She began practicing yoga as a teenager when faced with a severe anxiety disorder. The amazing, healing benefits of yoga allowed her to emerge from the disorder with a renewed sense of purpose. Compelled by the impact yoga had on her quality of life, she attended teacher training to deepen her personal practice and to share yoga and meditation with others.

Amber graduated from 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training through YogaWorks and was attuned to Reiki shortly after. She is currently attending 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training and 500-Hour Pilates Teacher Training.

Amber grounds her students in an awareness of breath while guiding them through poses with clear directions, modeling, and hands-on adjustments. She encourages her students to discover the amazing potential that resides within them, and to connect and live from it each day.

Instagram: @gatewayyogi


Before completing her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in March 2017, Amy decided to leave her interior design career to pursue a new creative outlet. With a love for design and creating beautiful spaces, she found her life to be full of unnecessary stressors. As a chronic suffer of Degenerative Disc Disease and having had neck surgery, up to this point yoga was purely a physical practice to alleviate pain. However, she found that yoga offered the calming space she had long been searching for while meeting her physical needs. Since that changing moment Amy, decided that it was not only her mission to share all the benefits of yoga, but to help break the stigma that proceeds it. Flexibility, mental balance, physical strength, and being comfortable in your own skin, isn't something that is required going into yoga.... it is gained through growing a personal yoga practice. A practice that is judgement free by oneself!

Risha Hoffman

Being very interested in what is on the inside, Risha teaches based on Yoga being used as a tool that can be useful to reflect how you relate to yourself and in your relationships within your practice. This insight can help to see the deeper things that distractions can camouflage. There is nothing extraordinary required to do yoga. Just come as you are:

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