Meet Our Staff


April Elliot

Owner of Detox Yoga. At the age of 26, April was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Isabella. She was injured during a tornado, buried several feet deep in bricks and debris. When she was found, her leg was crushed and her belly was flat. She and her daughter both made it out safe but she would never be the same after this accident.

After the accident, she was determined to never again live one day on this earth without appreciating the life she was blessed to have. April suffered from PTSD and was doing at-home rehabilitation. She read an article about yoga and thought she would give it a try. Before the accident, she participated in running, lifting, and kickboxing. Her first yoga class was done in a small studio that could only fit about seven people. She was amazed by the way she felt, and after that day, she was forever changed. The dream to open a studio and help others find healing through yoga started on that day almost eight years ago. In 2017, she went to Costa Rica and lived there for a month deep in the mountains overlooking the ocean. It was here that she completed her 200-hour YTT. Fast forward one year, and she is proud to say that Detox Yoga, her studio is OPEN! She hopes to break the stigma attached to yoga that it is just for women, flexible people, thin people, vegans, etc. 


Amber Campbell

Manager of Detox Yoga. Amber Campbell is a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, deeply dedicated to teaching the consciousness expanding, heart-healing practices of the East. Amber is a devoted student of life and approaches each day with unwavering curiosity and enthusiasm. She began practicing yoga as a teenager when faced with severe anxiety. Compelled by the impact yoga had on her quality of life, she attended teacher training to deepen her personal practice and to share yoga and meditation with others.
Amber began teaching in 2016 and graduated her 300-Hour Advanced Training lead by Jennifer Jones-Stuart of South River Yoga in 2019. Amber has studied with well-known teachers, such as Max Strom, Deborah Adele, Michael Johnson, and Kristen Luna Ray. 
Amber grounds her students in an awareness of breath while guiding them through poses with clear directions, modeling, and hands-on adjustments. She encourages her students to discover the amazing potential that resides within them and to connect and live from it each day.

Her favorite quote: “Your body can do amazing things. It’s your mind you need to convince.” 
Instagram: @shanti_moves


Lesleh Sprecker

My fitness journey started traditionally with weights and cardio. After becoming very ill for several weeks, I started a home practice in January of 2018. At the time it was a way to keep myself active while I rebuilt my body and strength. 

I challenged myself to do a 30-day yoga challenge, followed by a 60 and a 100-day personal challenge and I was hooked. Enter Detox and April and I truly fell in love with Vinyasa, a dance of breath and movement that is full of endless creativity! 

In September of 2019, I enrolled in the 200 hr YTT program to further my individual practice. In the midst of that training, I witnessed yoga's transformative power on myself along with my fellow trainees. Years of negative self-talk and anxiety had taken a toll on my esteem. Thru my yoga training, I found a kinder voice for myself, empowering myself through healing intentions and mantras. I knew this was what lit my spirit up and it constantly fueled my creativity. It found me when I needed it most and has continued to help me in my career, family life, and personal life. 

I am so fortunate and thankful to have the opportunity to guide at the studio that had such an impact on me.
I believe everyone deserves to feel valued and love and it all starts with how they speak to themselves. Please join me in a moving mediation full of self-empowerment, fueled by your breath and positive vibes. I look forward to sharing a practice with you. Namaste! 💗


Kelly Palmer

Kelly Palmer is a wife and mother of three littles, a daughter, and boy/girl twins. Kelly works in Corporate America as a Training Consultant and Change Manager. So to say she needs balance in her life is an understatement.  In 2018 when Detox opened, Kelly checked out the studio to see what yoga was all about and completely fell in love with the practice of yoga and incorporated it into her weekly workout routine which mainly consisted of running at 5:00 am 4 days a week.  Over time yoga became more than just a workout, it relieved stress from Post-Partum Depression, helped bring mind/body balance, and overall Kelly’s health improved.  Because Kelly trains (teaches) and help manage change at her corporate job, she wanted to be able to teach and help others benefit from the change yoga can bring to them. 


Kelly completed her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in June 2020.  Energetic and active classes while building strength within the body and mind is what Kelly wants you to experience from her classes.


Instagram: @5ksandyoga


Mario Ribas

Walking into his first yoga class in September of 2018, Mario felt the need to expand his physical capabilities for the many activities he has always enjoyed.  Holding a lead certification in Rock Climbing, multiple belts and awards in Martial Arts, and frequently seen on the mountain biking trails across the state, he decided to complement his activities with a journey into Yoga.


Little did he know that first class would spark a fire for a practice he immediately knew would be a lifelong journey. Since then, Mario has completed a 200-hour teacher training and is now recognized as a 200hr YTT by Yoga Alliance. Furthering his teachings, Mario also studied a traditional sequence brought to the Western world and has provided instruction for this highly regarded practice to students at Detox Yoga.  

Mario hopes to bring the beauty, benefits, and love for yoga to other practitioners in the community.  He also hopes to show that Yoga is a practice that can bring amazing benefits to all people, including men, not just women.

Mario's style will encourage students to find their limits and exceed them; will explore limits in both flexibility and strength, and train the body to overcome the doubts in the mind.  


In addition to his athletic endeavors, Mario likes to play guitar, take on cerebral projects like programming and writing, and create games with his daughter like "Floor is lava"! and "Can he hold this yoga pose while she climbs over him?"


Anna Welsh

Anna Welsh is a E-YRT200, RYT 500, YACEP

Anna is a St. Louis based artist and yoga teacher. She received her 200RYT in vinyasa yoga in 2011 while studying for her BA in ceramics. After a few years of teaching in-studio classes, she decided to dive deeper into the study of yoga.


In 2015 she received her 500RYT in Hatha Yoga. Shortly after, she moved to Ohio where she first created Red Banana Yoga LLC. a small private yoga business. Her clientele included people from all walks of life including an orthopedic surgeon to a golf pro to a professional blacksmith and much more. In early 2017 she returned to STL and jumped back in the yoga studio scene. She found herself teaching 25+class week at 9 different locations. Her class sizes ranged from 1-200 and locations varied from small, cozy studios to large event centers.


In the last few years, Anna has transitioned the majority of her teaching to training teachers and advanced yogis to help provide a deeper understanding of the healing practices of yoga. She has recently started a new journey into the world of electrical engineering. She is hoping to learn a more scientific approach to the mechanics of the body and the electrical currents that run through the spine and brain.


Sara Bish

I am married to my husband Jon and am a mother to our two boys, Wyatt and Charlie. We live in Lake Saint Louis with our dog Max. I’ve worked in the insurance industry for over 17 years as a private client insurance broker. I love to cook and bake, and am always trying creative and healthy recipes to share with family. 

For me, yoga has been the backbone of my life since my mid-20s. No matter what phase of life I am in, yoga has always been my home. It brings me back to reality, my purpose, and my truest sense of self. It has changed my life in infinite ways.  After practicing yoga for well over a decade, I decided that it was time to share my passion and the incredible benefits of yoga with my friends, family, and community.  I embarked on my long-time goal of becoming a yoga teacher through my local studio, Detox Yoga, and completed my RYT-200 in June of 2020.

When COVID-19 turned our world upside down, it became clear that our world needed a way to help manage the added stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that surrounded us. This is when people needed yoga the most, whether they realized it or not. I wanted nothing more than to share my love and passion for yoga as a means to find the tools within to handle the uncertainties in life. The physical practice itself is so incredibly healthy and detoxifying for the body, but that is only one small part of yoga. The benefits that yoga has on the mind is most often forgotten or overlooked by those new to yoga. I love to explore ways to bring a creative and inspirational approach within the practice itself to infuse a deeper meaning of self-discovery and self-study. It is within that we can find the answers to the many questions we have in life and the way we handle the obstacles before us. 


My teaching style has been shaped by my practice of Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Yoga. I measure my success as a teacher in my ability to empower students to find the teacher within. You can have it all, but you must take care of yourself first before you can take care of anyone, or anything else. I am currently in the process of writing a children’s yoga book to help plant the seed of yoga, pranayama, and mindfulness at an early age. If I had known then what I know now, I know I would have been better prepared to use those techniques to better navigate the challenges of life. 


Kara Littlefield

Kara Littlefield a former high school cheerleader found herself missing that energetic vibe. About six years after graduation, Kara started following her sister on a fitness journey. From boot camps, yoga in the park, and running stairs she started to see that fire come back to life. Kara started to really appreciate yoga and started practicing even more while she was pregnant in 2016.


In April 2018 she took the leap and went to a Buti Yoga certification and started teaching a month after. Buti an Indian Marathi word that means “a cure to something that’s been hidden or kept secret “ has helped Kara tap back into the energy she was missing. Buti Yoga is a blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance and deep conditioning and abdominal toning. Being brave and believing in yourself has helped Kara on her fitness journey and are now core values in her classes. 


Kara now has a yoga certification in Primal Flow by Buti and her 200 ytt certification. Finding medicine in all types of movement and breathe work, yoga has brought peace to my mind as well as the body. 


LeAnn Doerr

I am a wife, mom of two boys, and high school teacher. Yoga has been important to me for different reasons at different times in my life.! :) 


I recently finished my 200 Hour YYT and am excited to be adding teaching yoga to my resume. The Bikram sequence was my first real experience with yoga. I credit my Bikram practice with helping me to rebuild my core (after my two boys were born), strengthen and tone my legs and hips, and improve my running. I used Bikram as part of my half marathon training and improved my time (same course, one year later) by TWELVE MINUTES! Unfortunately, I had to stop this practice when I student taught (time and money were scarce). 


More recently, practicing at Detox became my way to calm my mind and strengthen my body. and relax my spirit. My return to yoga, this time at Detox, came just a few short months after my family suffered the devastating loss of our home to a house fire. Yoga became my escape. I quickly reaped the same benefits I had before, this time practicing the various classes offered at the studio. I feel in love with the practice and have made it a part of my regular workout routine. Two years later, I still continue to make yoga a regular part of my life and try to get on my mat no less than twice a week. It is still my escape and part of my self-care routine. I look forward to sharing my practice alongside more yogis! 


Barbara Chatman, L.M.T., CMCP

I received my massage therapy master certificate in Santa Monica, CA in 2011. Since then I have worked with a chiropractor in Los Angeles, co-managed a day spa in Chicago, and in 2014, I opened Barbara Ann Spa which has been a great achievement. I find great joy in creating customized massage sessions for my customers, allowing for a combination of stretching, location of pressure points, increased blood flow, injury prevention, and general positive well being. The oxygen bar and vacuum cupping are more recent additions to my services that will keep your bodies and mind at their best!


I look forward to further educating my customers about massage therapy and the great benefits of regular massage in their lives.


Amanda Wenger

Amanda began practicing yoga at a crucial time in her life... as a
teenager in high-school. She was about seventeen and struggling with
anxiety, no clue the answer to the dreaded question of what her plans were
for the future. So she prayed, and let herself believe that the path would
find her. She was already practicing yoga occasionally, but mostly for the
sake of fitness. However, just as most who practice yoga, she became more
and more aware of the profound effects it had on her mental health,
spirituality, and emotional well-being. Needless to say, she decided this was
it. What more than to bring this undeniably amazing practice to others? So
she completed her 200-hour teacher training with Detox Yoga.


Now she is committed to creating a strengthening and healing
experience for students, holding space for each person to feel worthy and
accepted for who they are. Through mindful and wholehearted practice, it is
her hope that students don’t just leave class feeling great, but that their
entire lives start to fill up with more love, compassion, and gratitude.


Kaitlyn Ivancic

A resident of Dardenne Prairie, Kaitlyn Ivancic is a native of the Tampa Bay area and is a wife and mother. She has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and first found a consistent practice within the Bikram style. Kaitlyn’s yoga journey evolved as she relocated between several states, and experienced numerous yoga styles. Eventually, Kaitlyn found herself drawn to Vinyasa and Power Vinyasa. What started as a weight loss and health journey a decade ago blossomed into an unwavering devotion to the mental, emotional, and physical benefits that yoga provides. Coupled with her love for running, she finds yoga provides the perfect balance for her body’s needs.


In the fall of 2019, Kaitlyn decided to follow her passion and dedication to her yoga practice and committed to the next step. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Detox Yoga.


Kaitlyn teaches group classes, as well as private offerings, and brings her students an authentic energy. She wants her classes to feel powerful and athletic while fostering an environment that allows her students to refocus their minds and body. Kaitlyn leverages her diverse yoga background to create a unique sequence that is both accessible yet challenging for all yogis.


Instagram: @kaitivancic


Katie Hurst

I started my yoga journey in 2018. I was feeling burnt out in my career and stuck in the everyday motions with my family instead of relishing in them. I lost the connection to myself. Detox Yoga was where it all started, first two or three days a week and then it was every day. I rearranged my work schedule so that every day there was space and time for yoga.

In 2019 my first teacher, Amber Campbell, and Detox Yoga offered a 200-hour Teacher Training. I joined with the intention to deepen my practice and advance my knowledge of something I had become so passionate about. Now, I am excited to be teaching and sharing that knowledge with students. I am already planning for my 300-hour Teacher Training and furthering my Anatomy knowledge.

For me, yoga is about uniting the mind, body, and soul and finding balance within. In my classes, I like to combine strength, flexibility, and mobility with dynamic movements. Expect to sweat and move in unison with your breath for a meditative practice. I hope to see you soon!


Katie Schlogl

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m happily married to my husband, Brian, and I have a son, Isaac, and 3 bonus kids; Mackenzie, Haleigh, and Nolan. Our Crew is completed by our chocolate Lab, Kodiak. Outside of yoga, I enjoy watching sports of all kinds, jogging, and DIY.

I started my yoga journey while pregnant with Isaac. Since I desired an all-natural childbirth process, it was recommended to me by my doctor to maintain strength and flexibility and assist with focus. After he was born, I dabbled in and out of practice for several years. Fast-forward to a few years ago when I grew weary of my struggle with anxiety. Yoga gave me an outlet for the mental side and, as a bonus, I benefited physically while training for several half marathons. Energized by the release that yoga provided from anxiety, I took my 200-hour yoga teacher training through Detox Yoga. I desire to share with others the space to come to develop a yoga practice that may free them from feelings of negativity, and hopefully overcome some similar mental obstacles to enjoying each day we’re given.

Follow me on Instagram @aloha.yogi, a homage to where it all began.


Ashley Becker

My journey with yoga began completely by chance in 2007 after stumbling upon a class at a local gym. It became more than I could have ever anticipated. Soon after, I became certified to teach and it quickly became a part of my life. Through this practice, I learned how to handle anxiety, quiet my mind, handle some of my life’s biggest struggles, and embrace the pain to find the beauty. The practice of yoga has always provided that mind, body, soul connection that leaves me feeling balanced, calm, and strong every time I step off of my mat.

I am also a photographer who documents life and love (weddings, families, and birth). Connecting, bonding with, and empowering women is something I love to be able to do (whether it is on the mat, behind my camera, or being by their sides throughout their labor and delivery). 


Today, life is busy and full with my family (Wife to Chris, Mama to 2 little girls, Audrey & Aria-that I am working on empowering every day, and currently expecting baby #3, Austin).

Follow me on IG @theashleybecker