Detox Mind, Body, and Soul

About Detox Yoga

Detox is here to clear your mind, body, and soul and help you find your inner peace. We are here to provide a warm, welcoming space for individuals of all backgrounds to walk the yogic path. Our instructors are all about inspiring people to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle through a welcoming and accessible approach to yoga.

​At Detox Yoga we provide heated and non-heated yoga. The variety of classes we offer cater to individual comfort levels. Yoga is here for everyone and will heal you not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. 


Detox Mind, Body, and Soul


Research shows that mindful-based stress reduction, like that at yogas core, can help lower anxiety and stress. By lowering our stress levels, we can also lower the risk of depression. Open up your mind and clear space for happiness!!


Yoga burns an incredible amount of calories, while educating you on how to love your body and respect what it can and can not do. Yoga benefits posture, increased lung capacity, flexibility, and increased joints and muscles. 


Yoga heals on a deep soulful level. It has been proven to heal mental illnesses, lower stress levels, help heal from addiction, and so much more. Sometimes this life puts things in our way and we have to advocate for ourselves in order to clear our path. Yoga is here to help all of us find our true being.


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